inspirational Action Montana
We have expanded into The Treasure State!

     In our tenth year of operation, we made the ambitious decision to expand our services, advocacy, and efforts to the beautiful state of Montana! With the help of advocate, public speaker, and citizen lobbyist, Tara Walker Lyons, we have established our office in the city of Missoula. We have already started multiple projects such as our healing initiative called  Inspire Packs. The Inspire Packs program was created to help empower young survivors of sexual abuse and compliment their treament plans by providing small, thoughtful tools to help them on their journey towards healing.   Documentary film project  Big Sky Big Secrets   was launched with the help of Inspirational Action in 2017, and is continuing to film through Fall of 2018. The film tells the stories of survivors of childhood sexual abuse living in Montana, and surviving day-to-day life after living through trauma.

Tara has built an excellent foundation for our non-profit to grow successfully and reach many. In April 2017, the Governor of Montana signed Tara's Law  (House Bill 298)  which was named in her honor. Tara's Law  was created to address the need for body safety education in Montana schools with the goal of reducing childhood sexual abuse rates. There is still more work to be done with Tara's Law  in the Montana legislature and we are proud to help her accomplish these goals.

Tara has been advocating for childhood sexual abuse awareness and prevention since July 2015 when she first shared her story of prolonged child abuse to the world. In the years since, she has travelled to every corner of Montana to educate parents, students, educators, and officials on the issue of childhood sexual abuse and has earned significant notoriety in her state for her work. Inspirational Action is ecstatic to have her launch our work in her home state. To learn more about the work Tara's has done, click here.

To take part in our efforts, donate to our causes, or meet Tara for a simple coffee and chat, please contact her by using the form below!