Inspire Packs of Montana

Inspire Packs were created with the notion that sometimes healing takes some work. Their purpose is simple: to inspire youth survivors of trauma to begin their path towards healing. 

Surviving childhood trauma is hard. But it doesn't have to be unbearable. We are making steps towards changing the victim experience after reporting abuse, but there is always room for improvement.

Inspire Packs are carefully constructed gift packages that are assembled with intention and purpose. Each item placed into the package is done so deliberitely with the intention of prompting healing and promoting growth. They contain items that a child survivor of trauma will find useful in their journey. Some items are hand-made and donated from vendors across the country.

One of our favorite slogans for healing is: "Transform your story. Transition from Victim to Survivor to THRIVER."  And that is what we hope these packages help do for the children who receive them. It's a tall order, we know. But something as small as a journal or sketching set can truly open up a world of creativity and healing. 

Inspire Packs are delivered to Child Advocacy Centers, Law  Enforcement, and directly to survivors through our own advocacy and outreach programs. 

We owe a special THANK YOU to those who are encouraging this project to grow and who are helping to create packages that will make a lasting impact on youth survivors of trauma.

Donations for these packages are tax-deductable through Inspirational Action Inc. 501(c)(3). To arrange a donation, please fill out the form -------->
or email  [email protected] 

Thank you,
Program Director
Tara Walker Lyons

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Ideas for Donations:

📓 Writing journals and writing utensils  
Teen books that are inspirational and uplifting  📕 📗 
Adult Coloring books  📚
Fine-tipped felt markers 
Coloring pencils ✏️
Any kind of art supplies  🎨
Jewelry or handmade items  💎
Tote bags (boys)  💼 or cute handbags  👜 (girls) 
Survivor-themed clothing  👗 👕 
Gourmet candies and chocolates 🍬 
Teddy bears or stuffed animals (new not used) 🐯 🐻