Alaska Disabilities Coalition

For over ten years, Inspirational Action has been focused on improving the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our non-profit began as a training program for those individuals to gain a well-rounded understanding of being an excellent employee. Our President/CEO, Rick Renaud, has a passion of helping others, due in part because he is an individual with a disability.  Our team's passion has truly grown from his example.

We have assembled the Alaska Disabilities Coalition to bring together these folks who are managing their lives with a disabilitiy, in an effort to mobilize against discrimination, respond to cases of discriminition as an organized effort, and to allow others to know that they are not alone when dealing with cases of ableism, prejudice, or discrimination. 

Alaska is such a wonderful state to live and thrive in. We have such amazing opportunities all around us in terms of career choices and recreation opportunities but one area can use substantial improvement and that is: accessibility and equality under the law. When we stand together, with our diverse stories and experiences, we are able to better map out our issues and develop our strategies. 

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