About us
About Rick: Our Founder

Our founder and President, Rick Renaud, has been in the business of overcoming adversity since a young age. With that adversity came an understanding that with a little bit of  help, and a lot of drive, an individual with a developmental disability can ultimately be empowered rather than limited. So he set out to be that form of 'help' to others in our community who are actively overcoming adversity in their day-to-day lives.  

We started in 2008, in our small office in the Federal Building located in downtown Anchorage, Alaska.  After partnering with a number of community leaders and non-profits, we began recruiting new participants into our cost-free, hands-on training program. We have successfully trained many participants in our various facilities throughout Alaska and continue to expand our efforts across the West.

With a personal history of overcoming adversities and disabilities, Rick has a personal interest in improving the quality of life in our community for those who are navigating our economy with a disability. Adversity can also include overcoming life-altering situations that include neglect, abuse, and assault. These things affect our development in ways we are still trying to understand. But one thing is for certain: Adverse Childhood Experiences affect our long-term health outcomes... so there is no simply "getting over it." 

If Rick could change one thing about Inspirational Action, Inc., it would be that he could have started this project much sooner. Rick has helped in Operation Santa Claus missions for over a decade and has helped in countless non-profit events. We are proud to have him heading up our Board of Directors.

About Tara: Program Director and Content Developer

We are proud to be opening our doors in Western Montana with programs focused on child abuse prevention and childhood sexual abuse awareness. The driving force in this expansion is our Program Director and Content Developer, Tara Walker Lyons. 

Tara has gone above-and-beyond in working with victims of child abuse and sexual assault in Montana. She created and lobbied for Montana House Bill 298 which was developed to educate students in Montana public schools about body safety and sexual abuse prevention. HB 298 was later named "Tara's Law" by its sponsor, Representative Edward Greef, and signed by Montana Governor Steve Bullock in April of 2017. Tara has dedicated herself to changing the rates of childhood sexual abuse in Montana and beyond and we are proud to have her sitting on our board of directors.

As a mother-of-two, public speaker, advocate, and lobbyist, Tara is constantly moving and working. She has a full roster of programs working throughout the State of Montana including a documentary film called Big Sky Big Secrets.  You can learn more about this film by clicking the following link: http://tarawalkerlyons.com/documentary. Tara has been actively serving victims of childhood sexual abuse in Montana since 2015 and with her partnership with Inspirational Action, we will undoubtedly see lasting impacts within our programs both in Alaska and Montana.

We are ecstatic to introduce our efforts to Montana and hope to make a lasting impact for years to come! To learn about what we have going on in Montana, visit www.tarawalkerlyons.com or click the picture below: